Detailed Fluid-Particle Flows

Key features in the fully-coupled resolved CFD-DEM model to analyse detailed fluid flow around particles, particularly in understanding microscopic interactions

Coupling with different shape particles

Shape models:

  • Superquadric particles

[Video] Bubbling in liquid with spherical and non-spherical particles

Hydrodynamic interactions

Particle-fluid interaction models:

  • VP (Volume Penalisation) method with controllable solid/particle interface thickness

  • Optimal permeability of particle interface evaluated for accurate momentum exchange between particle and fluid

[Video] Density segregation of particles due to fluidisation

Interfacial interactions

Fluid-fluid interface capturing:

  • Controllable interface capturing with combined interface compression and diffuse interface techniques

Particle wetting and capillary force:

  • Particle wetting expressed by the IFS (Immersed Free Surface) method, by extending the fluid-fluid interface into the solid/particle region - example of immersed free surface shown in the static liquid bridge case below

  • Capillary force acting on particles calculated by the CCF (Continuum Capillary Force) model

[Video] Liquid bridge between two non-spherical (superquadric) particles

Single particle entry into water (left half: experiment by Liu & Ding, 2015)

Static liquid bridge between spherical particles with different contact angles, and comparison of the liquid bridge force with theory (Surface Evolver solver)