Our Vision

Message from the CEO

Mr Tomoya Wakamatsu

Particulate flows and related particle-fluid multiphase flows can be encountered in virtually every area of industry. The behaviour of both particle and fluid in such flows is extremely complex and challenging to observe experimentally. Therefore, our knowledge today is still limited and in many practical situations, the processes are empirically designed and controlled from numerous trial-and-errors. This implies that even small improvements in process efficiency can bring about enormous impacts on global energy saving, and it is of utmost importance for sustainable industrial development.

We are trying to disseminate our know-hows and cutting-edge simulation models developed in Osaka University into practical scenarios. Our vision is “to optimise all powder handling processes in industry by using simulation-based science, and build a safe and sustainable society”. We seek innovation for high value-added products, cost reduction and energy saving, to help create and support environmentally-friendly industries.